Help--How to report an issue to Microsoft



I have a 2003 front-end, which is a crystal report (8.5)
viewer/generator. When trying to export the crystal report to excel
spreadsheets, today, which has always been successful, up until this week,
the following error is generated:

Crystal Report Windows Forms Viewer:
Error in file (myreport.rpt): Error detected by export dll

My only guess is that a windows-update (we've had 2 this week) did something
to affect the built-in export feature of the viewer. How can I report this
to Microsoft?

Before anyone asks the questions, we have tested this on multiple reports
from multiple front-ends, and restored backup copies of reports for testing
this error, and it's still showing up...

Thanks in advance.


Cor Ligthert[MVP]

You have some possibilities,

As you have an MSDN subscription logon to that and than go to a managed
Newsgroup using the WebNewsreader on MSDN. A MSFT should help you then in
two Americain workingdays.

If you don't have a subscribtion you can call your local microsoft office.
(addresses on the microsoft website)

As thirth you can try

Be aware that this latter one has not a quick answering mechanisme.


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