vb.net forms connected to controls



I would like to take an existing crystal report 11 (that can run on its own),
and have the report displayed in a vb.net 2005 desktop application. I then
would like to export the crystal report to an excel 2003 file and into a PDF
file within the same control? (or at least the same windows form). Can all of
this be accomplished with a 'report form viewer' or some of kind of controls?
If so, how can this task be accomplished?
If not, how would you suggest the vb.net application run an existing
crystal report and export the file to both excel and pdf formats?


Cor Ligthert


Crystal reports is disliked, don't misunderstand me, it is good.

However, I never used version Crystal reports versions 11 but with previous
versions I could make standard with the reportviewer created views make pdf
and excelfile (standard buttons) and do it in code too.

How, simple try it with dragging the viewer on your desktop. Most
information on internet is simple to simple and a lot is simply wrong, but
mostly it leads you as you are selective in the right direction.

Crystal reports is now from SAP. That website is too still a kind of
showwindow to show what they sell and try to get you as a customer.


But it is not impossible with searching a time on there pages that you find
what you want.


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