system.argumentException; Column 'id ' does not belong to table T



I am taking to figure out how to solve this problem:

I am getting the error "system.argumentException; Column ' ' does not
belong to table Table. At System.Data.GetDataColumn( string columnname0
at columnName).

This error is occuring right after I get the parametervalues in the report
object of the Crystal report by woring with a 2005 windows form
The code that is used is:
repDoc.SetParameterValue("@1d1", 91334)
repDoc.SetParameterValue("@id2", 0)

The value for the first paramter @1d1 value to the crystal report version
11 is correct. However, when trying to access the second parameter value to
the crystal report @id2 value is not correct.

Can you tell me what is causing the problem?


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