Vista Wont Sleep, Want To Wake Up With MCE Remote



I have windows vista ultimate, i can get my pc to sleep (most of the time) as
i have disabled all the mouse/keyboard/network adapter/modem everything from
waking the comuter up.

But i have a windows MCE remote control and you can put the computer to
sleep and wake it up with the remote, but because you have to check the
"Allow this device to wake up the computer" my pc now wotn sleep, wether in
Hybrid mode or normal, also i have the settings in my bios for S1 or S3 modes
or Auto, currently it is set to Auto, and ocasionly i can get sleep to work
(with the remote wakeup disabled).

Also i have set the multimedia settings in power profiles to "Allow the
computer to sleep" and the network adapters wake on lan to off.

I cant find anything that relates to the UHCI controller in my bios or in
Device Manager. Although i do have one Enhanced Host Controller in Device
Manager but i dont know what port that is?!

What is still wrong with this?!!! Help





If you don't get an answer, try using google to search for a solution. I
did a quick google search using:

troubleshooting sleep mode problems

and I got a bunch of hits. There could be several answers to this issue, so
that it's not necessarily that easy to come up with one quick answer. Just
something to try should you be so inclined.

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