USB devices don't wake up from sleep on 64 bit: why?



I am having lots of problems with Vista 64 bit with my Asus M2N SLI
Deluxe motherboard.

USB devices won't awake after prolonged sleep (4-6 hours or more).

I have a USB networking card, USB mouse and USB keyboard.

After Windows goes to sleep, when I press the keyboard or the mouse, I
can hear the hard drive start to whir; the problem is that the monitor
never turns back on.

Also, the USB networking card (which has a blue flashing lot) is
totally dark after I wake things up. This happens when: 1) I remove
the USB networking card and reinsert it 2)put the USB device in
another slot. Still nothing.

In power options, I set something to exempt USB devices from going to
sleep, but that did not do any good.

The problem may be with my videocard also (I have an ATI HD 2600), but
I don't understand why going to sleep would prevent it from waking. I
can't figure out if the failure to access the USB device prevents it
the mouse from waking it or if the video card's failure to recover
from sleep is the problem. Nonetheless, I know for a fact that the
Linksys USB N networking card does not recover from a long sleep (by
looking at the lights on the card itself).

If the machine goes to sleep after 6 hours (I think), this will
happen. If it's only sleeping for an hour or two, the monitor will go
dark, but it still will be able to wake up.

I verified:
USB networking card has a 64 bit driver
video card is supposed to work on 64 bit Vista
I have the latest Asus drivers and firmware (Actually I don't think
the Asus drivers needed to be downloaded from Asus's own site but came
from Vista itself).

What should I try next?


robert Nagle
Houston, TX 77082

Colin Barnhorst

idiotprogrammer said:
What should I try next?


The video card driver can indeed play a role as can power management
software. The drivers in Vista dvd would not be as up to date as on the
ASUS site.

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