Vista/web cam installation



Installed a Philips SPc610NC PC camera on HP Pravilion DV6000 with Vista.
Install software on a Vista Basic operating system. Vista went into a fault
condition and had to be rebooted in last good configuration. Computer is not
working in the original configuration (asking for driver software for common
items like SD cards). Tried removing in safe mode but it reinstalled when
rebooted in normal mode.Cannot remove camera software. How do I remove
software and update drivers for windows vista?



jonathan perreault

Try this fix to see if it repairs your problem, Before Posting. This
solution has worked for
some people with problematic USB and General Devices:

1. Locate the file INFCACHE.1 in C:\Windows\inf

2. Right click on the INFCACHE.1 file, select Properties >Security > Edit,
and give your account full control.

3. Delete INFCACHE.1 (Or just to be safe, rename it to INFCACHE.1.BAK or
temporarily move to your desktop but you shouldn't need to, windows doesn't
need that file to run, and if it needs to it recreates it).


Jonathan Perreault

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#2: Torture Windows (Any) Now Before It Tortures You

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foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.




I checked the INFCACHE.1 and have full control. However, when I tried to
move, rename or delete this file I am told I need permission to do this
operation. I am logged in as the administrator. Any other suggestions?



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