Vista Update has me stuck in a loop


Mike Kreuser

When I turned my Vista Home Premium system on this AM everything went
normally until I received a prompt that updates had been installed an that
I should restart the machine. I declined the restart but Vista shut itself
down anyway and restarted. I then got the message that updates were being
configured. Again the system shut down, restarted, and came back with the
same message. This procedure then repeated itself over and over about 15
times before I finally powered down. I tried to bring the system up in safe
mode several times but it aleways aborts, restarts itseld and brings me back
into the same configuring updates loop. The message is always the same -
says it's configuring update 3 of 3, starts at 0% and then changes to 87%,
then shuts down and restarts and repeats the same over and over.

any suggestions?

mike k

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