windows update failed! please help...



hi. i ran windows update on my vista ultimate x86 and after the download was
over and the installition ended windows asked me to reboot. when i clicked
on restart during shutdown it said "configuring windows updates". it said
the same during restart and it took almost a hour or so to shut down and
restart. upon restart i went to windows update again and it is still showing
me al the updates. when i clicked on update history it says "failed" or
"cancled" for almost all updates! what have i done? what do i need to do?
please help...
thanks in advance.


Gary Mount

If this is the first time you have done updates, then a reboot is needed to
continue doing more updates.
In other words, a few updates have to be installed first and a reboot
required before more updates can be applied.
It is normal in this case to see a message about failed updates (at least in
my experience).
You should be able to continue with more updates after your reboot.

MowGreen [MVP]

You can seek assistance in the Windows Update newsgroup


or, post the last 50 or so lines of the WindowsUpdate.log.
That log is located in the WINDOWS directory [folder]
Start > Search > enter windowsupdate.log
Or, Start > Run > type in

Click OK or press Enter

PLEASE, do NOT post your email addy in newsgroups or you will receive a
ton of spam, Neerav. Munge it, such as : k.neerav@NOThotmaildotcom
Or make one up. <w>

MowGreen [MVP 2003-2008]
*-343-* FDNY
Never Forgotten

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