Vista Ultimate VERY Slow with Remote Desktop to Windows 2003 server..



First I get this error which it seems that alot of people get and I am
not sure of the correct way in which to fix this...

Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity of the computer you want to
connect to. This problem can occur if:

1) The remote computer is running a version of Windows that is earlier
than Windows Vista.
2) The remote computer is configured to support on the RDP Security

Contact your network admin or the owner of the remote computer for

Do you want to connect anyway...

Once I log on, it basically paints a picture of the screen one block
at a time.. Its very slow.. In the meantime, if i use the WinXP
computer next to me.. It works as if I am sitting at the computer
locally... Any help on what can get the network performace to work
like XP.. I have all the settins in the Vista options set to low or
disabled so that its not trying to get more than it needs..

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