Vista TrueImage file installation


Tom Jubb

I am having a problem getting my new hard drive to boot into Vista. I had
originally installed Vista on my primary/master IDE drive. I later
purchased a SATA drive and was recoginized in Vista. I then cloned the
Vista boot drive onto that new SATA drive with Acronis True Image Home 10.
When I removed the old Vista boot drive, the system will not boot off the
newly imaged SATA Vista drive. I booted from the DVD to run the recovery
console and that doesn't see any Vista installations but it does recognize
the new SATA drive and I can browse all the files. It just won't boot from
the new sata drive. What can I do to get this sata drive bootable? I've
already adjusted the bios so that sata drive is first in the boot process so
it's not that.

Any help would be appreciated.




Erik Chapple

SATA drives have been a challenge throughout the TAP.
Verify that the partition on the drive is active and 0 and that you insert
the SATA drivers into your Vista image using offline servicing.
I'm not familiar with the imaging product that you've used but you should be
using ImageX (from either the AIK or BDD Vista) to capture and then apply
Vista volumes.
I have done this many times between drives with considerable success.




Hi Erik,
Thanks for the response. I am still stuck however.
I downloaded BDD which does not run correctly after installation. Something
about .net 2.0 needed but it is installed and the snap-ins for MMC are
properly installed. I don't think the actual toolbox is needed since ImageX
is a command line utility. Anyway, I have admin rights but I am unable to
start the process. I get this error:
"The current logged on user does not have adminstrative priviledges".
So, I logged in as admin but then I get "file in use" errors and the process
At the command prompt I type the following: 'imagex /capture C: image.wim

It could be me but imageX seems more complicated than what I can handle. Is
there any other imaging program out there that will successfully clone my
current active boot disk to another?

One other question on your post, how do I check the drive for an active
partition and is set to 0? Also, how do I insert the SATA drivers in the
Vista image using offline servicing?


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