Vista to XP networking


computer idiot

i have a Vista powered laptop, our office has 4 XP PC's. how can i get my
laptop to recognize the other computers and printers. i am able to get on the
internet through the network, just cant see the other computers to share
files and print documents.


Tracey Copeland

Bill Sanderson

On your machine, and on one of the XP machines, look at properties of the
computer. (i.e. right click computer, or my computer, and choose properties.

Look for the workgroup name. This needs to be the same for the machines to
see each other in the browser.

Even without that change, however, you can connect to the other machines or
printers by IP addresses, if you can find those, or know them.

On an XP machine with a printer attached, go to a command prompt and do
ipconfig and hit enter. That will give you the IP address. Also do net
that will give you the name under which the printer is shared.

If it is shared as "printer"

you should be able to connect to it via \\ipaddress\printer

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