Vista SP1, Remote Desktop & Default Printer



Since installing SP1, the following occurs:

Set default printer on the Vista Ultimate computer.

Connect remotely with Remote Desktop...default printer changes to the
client's default printer...completely normal!

Disconnect remote dekstop and login to the Vista Ultimate computer directly.

At this point, either NO PRINTER is set as Default Printer or a random
printer is set as default.

Help...this is driving me crazy as I regularly use this computer remotely!
I have checked the log files and there are no errors in them which appear


I received the following response from a member of the Terminal Services team:
This is a known issue with Vista SP1 and we are actively investigating fixes for this issue.

As a workaround, you can do one of the foll:
a.. Reset the default printer when you logon back to the Vista Ultimate computer again or
b.. If printer redirection is not necessary when you connect remotely, then unselect this option on the Remote Desktop client, when you connect to the remote server

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