VISTA - printing problems from FSX


Jack J Jackson

I KNOW that this question might be silly, but still..... here's my problem.

I bought FSX Deluxe + Acc pack some time ago. After flying the lessons for
some days i finally managed to make the solo flight and was awarded a
certificate for that. I had to fill my name in that certificate and then
print it out. The printer box opened all right and I could choose my printer,
BUT when I choose the "print" option nothing happens!!! I have tried 2
different printers and to print to file, but no print command is sent from
FSX to the printer. OK having that certificate might for someone be silly but
I think it would be a nice thing to have.

This question was originally posted at the FSX forum but I was recommended
to post it here by a member. He was pretty sure that Mr Allan Morris could
solve this problem.

I have checked the printer queue and it's empty regardless of the printer I
My printer has no problems writing in landscape-mode.
When I open the printer properties where I can se the document name, status
and so on, at the same time that I ask for a printout, I can se a quick
flicker of the message "spooling" and then nothing. It's not possible to
print to file.
It seems funny that ALL other printouts from FSX work regardless in witch
mode I have FSX.

I have MATROX TripleHead2Go installed so I can have a "wide" view in FSX.
Just to be sure I UNINSTALLED Matrox, connected the monitor directly to my PC
and tried again, but with the same result.

My Printers are HP LaserJet 5p and Canon i950 and I use Windows Vista Home
Premium. I have 2,40 GHz Core 2 Dual processors, 4 GB of RAM and a Nvidia
GeForce 8800GT graphics card.

Jack J Jackson

Dustin Harper

One thing you might try is printing to a XPS file. That is basically
Microsoft's version of a PDF file. Once it prints to that, you can print
that to a regular printer, and on a piece of paper. If it doesn't print to
the XPS file, then post back, and we'll try something else. :)

And it's not silly. I have my printout for my certificate, as well. It's
well deserved. :)

Martin Racette

I tried the same thing here, and it does not print on my printers (Samsung
CLP-300, and Canon Pixma 4000), and I even tried to make it as an XPS and
PDF (using DanePrairie Win2PDF), and it was not working

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