Vista media center TV tuner signal loss



My HP m9451 desktop computer with vista media center regularly can't find a
signal when waking up from sleep mode.

I have programmed the whole weeks TV programs into media center. I let the
computer automatically turn on by itself when it needs to record, and
automatically turn off when it is doen. I have bought this computer because
for this feature.

But when it automatically turns on from sleep mode, it can't find a signal.
While the cable is inserted, all 3 TV's do receive a signal, and when
restarting the computer (without changing anything else) it can find a signal.
The problem also occurs when I have restarted the computer, checked with
media center if it has a signal, and turn it to sleep. No other programs
used. And still it can't find a signal when waking up.

Does anyone know what the problem is?


Mel Weaver

Sounds like the TV Card does not support waking up from the sleep mode.
Check the settings for the card.


Thanks mel for your reply.

The problem is that it sometimes does get the signal when waking up.
Sometimes it even looses the signal while recording. This means it got the
signal, records the show, but somewhere in the middle looses the signal.

I even tried to minimize the number of connected TV's in the house from 3 to
2, but it did not help.

Anyone else any suggestions?

If it can't record tv shows properly it's a real deal braker for this
computer and it needs to be returned. I bought this computer especially for
recording shows...



I have a new HP quad core with Hauppauge 1850 tv tuner and I am
experiencing the same problem. The signal is sporadic after system
wakes up and I end up having to reboot my system. There is also a
clicking sound which I think is originating from the tv tuner card.

Turn off the power saver in the Control Panel. To solve, select "Power
Options" and choose performance, save and reboot. Vista/Win 7 wakeup
isn't all so great in the drivers. Similar issues exist with the NIC
but will also be solved by using the performance level in Power Options.
Hasn't been a problem for me since.

Mine is a M9715F.

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