Vista install on SATA - Drive problem



Did a clean install of Vista ultimate on my Win XP Pro system. Following a
boot from disk and arriving at the install screen and options of where to
install Vista ie which partition, there is already a warning triangle with
message at the bottom which states the drive may fail....
I have a Asus A8N Sli deluxe, Athlon 3500+, 2GB ram, and 4 SATA drives, all
connected to the orange SATA ports and non raided. No IDE HDD installed.
Prior to the first attempt of installing Vista i disconnected all my SATA
storage HDD bar one which had the initial win XP on, in SATA port 1. Changing
this partition size etc did not have any effect.
After successful install, the message of Windows Detected a HArd Drive
problem appears after every system restart ie the drive may fail.
Any ideas? If tom install drivers, which ones? Unable to get them of my
original CD
Many thanks, Amit


This is a link to the 64bit vista driver for the SI Image 3114

perhaps these will help:

You can NOT do an upgrade install of Vista RTM if you have to use the "Load
Drivers" function (formerly F6) to install Vista. You can only do a clean

I have Silicon Image 3114 Sata Raid Controller and I got the .txt drivers
from Silicon Image which work fine from Load Drivers, but only for a Clean

Microsoft did not include them in Vista even though the controller is very
popular (ASUS 8NSLI Deluxe) board.

It is beyond me why they did this. Does anyone have any suggestions on how
to do a workaround to this problem?

I want to be able to to an upgrade install.


It appears that Microsoft just released new drivers for the Sil Image 3114
Sata Raid5 controller. I got it through Vista updates.

So, I tried this:

While installing Vista from XP, have the installer look for updates, etc.
before it starts the complete install. Vista will then recognize the hard
drive properly

after install, running windows update, being sure to select the option to
look for other software updates besides microsoft windows, should pull the
needed driver.


Possibly the boot drive is not coming up fast enough and Ultimate thinks
this could be a problem. If the boot drive is set as the fist in the BIOS
boot sequence you might set the CD drive as the first in the boot sequence
to give the SATA drive more time to come up to speed.


Thanks for your reply,
I made one er
Interestingly what i did was i booted for a clean install for Vista with all
4 of my SATA drives connected to the black, non raided ports on teh A8N Sli
deluxe. When it came to the windows install screen, two of the drives, both
Hitachi on ports 1 & 2, came up with the error "drive may fail" and advised
to look for another one. I tried some of the Silicon drivers via "Load
drvier" but had no luck. So instead i installed Vista on one of the other two
SATA drives (both Samsung) and there was no error on them etc. After install,
VIsta loaded and is working. Checked updates and installed...but still coming
up with the "Window has detected a hardware problem" ie on the two hitachi
Advice on which Silicon driers to install now within windows to get these
two drives error free, otherwise they are detected in windows and working but
rather have them without any errors ie which 32 bit drivers for 3114 to use
as i am using 32 bit Vista. Thanks

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