Vista ics wireless wired bridge



I've been searching but have not quite found my situation -

I have a new Vista laptop with both 802.11g and a wired ethernet
connector. It currently connects to my home wireless network (which is
subnet 192.168.0.xx) and the internet via a wireless router and cable

I would like to use ics to bridge this network with an older device
that only has ethernet. The older device has a built in web server (it
is a security monitor). The idea is to be able to check the security
monitor from the internet. The security monitor is on a different
subnet, by default, 192.168.1.xx.

My plan is to connect the laptop ethernet to a switch, connect the
security device to the switch, configure the laptop port and switch
for the 192.168.1.xx subnet. At this point I should be able to access
the security device from the laptop via the ethernet connection.

Then I would like to use ICS to bridge the wireless and wired
connections. Theoretically I should now be able to access the security
device from any computer on my wireless network using the 1.xx subnet
or from the internet after opening ports on my router.

Am I in the ballpark or way out in left field? Do gateways need to be
configured? Do I need both networks to be on the same subnet?

Thanks for any info...

Robert L \(MS-MVP\)

If you have a router which can be a firewall, I would not use ICS. If not,
you can try enable the ICS. But you may experience other issues. Please post
back after enable the ICS.

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