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Scott D

I have a machine that I can properly PPTP into my network, but cannot RDP or
map a drive to any server on the remote network. Not sure what's going on...I
can ping them all successfully and I can also RDP from my Professional
version with no problem. Wondering if it's a Home Edition problem...anyone
seen this?

Thanks a million for any help!!

Bob Lin \(MS-MVP\)

Can you telnet the remote pc port 3389 (for example telnet remoteipaddress
3389)? For mapping, do you receive any system errors if running net view

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Scott D

I do not get a response telneting to port 3389. And when I try to view a
server I get a long retry time and an error message of system error 64. The
specified network name is no longer available.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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