Vista Ultimate frequently dropping RDP connection to XP host over



I am testing 3 new Vista Ultimate boxes in my office and all 3 users (myself
included) are frequently plagued w/ dropped RDP connections w/ no warning or
errors when connecting to XP desktop in the office from my home VPN

If scoot over to my XP Pro machine and RDP in to the same office computer
from my home VPN connection I have no problems.

in essence:

Vista Ultimate at home -> VPN into office -> RDP to XP pro PC in office =

XP Pro at home -> VPN into office -> RDP to XP pro PC in office = NO problems


Hi htredneck,

This is Katarzyna from the Windows Networking team.

We would like to investigate the RDP issue further and we are asking for
yorur help in collecting data. Can you collect and share network traces
(Netmon, etc.). Please email me at (e-mail address removed)


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