Vista Explorer cannot find Word 2007 file - important problem



Hi, I have Vista and Office 2007, and have a problem that's been reported a
few times on the Net, but without resolution.

When I click a Word file in Explorer, Word starts up but I get the error
message 'Window cannot find [pathname/documents/filename.doc]. Make sure you
have typed the name correctly and try again.'

The pathname is correct; the default file location in Word options is
correct, pointing to my Documents folder.

Once Word starts, if I click again on the file it opens. If I open Word
first, I can open the file through File->Open. If I click any Excel or htm
file in Explorer etc., they open OK. It's just Word that causes the problem.

All my file and program associations look correct. Winword is the default
program for .doc and .docx. The problem occurs for both. I don't have Word
2003 installed. I have reinstalled Office 2007.

So I've tried all I can think of, but this incredibly annoying problem
persists, and I'd be grateful for help.



I am having the same problem you are having. Have you resolved the problem
and if so, what did you do?

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