problem with opening doc files



i use vista. once i tried to open doc files with word 2007, i failed. even i
tried the 'open with' but the word icon does not appear in the list of
default programs. even i selected 'winword' from the prog files, but it didnt
work out. if i open 'word' first and then from there 'open' doc files, then
they open but it wont work out if i double click the word document. icon of
the word file simply wont appear for that doc file. it seems that doc file
cant recognize word 2007. anyone knows the solution to this problem?



Graham Mayor

First see how to re-register Word when problems crop up opening files and if that doesn't
fix it select a document in Windows Explorer, right click and choose Open

From the ensuing dialog select Word (winword.exe) and check the box to
always open with this application.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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