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I don't know if my original message was posted, so I will try again: my wife
just received a new Dell laptop with Vista installed. I have been downloading
a few programs and have been receiving download speeds of about 28K per
second. We are on a wireless cable modem. I can go to her old computer and
get the same download at the usual speed. Is this a problem with Vista, or is
there something I should turn on or off? Will appreciate any suggestions.


Chad Harris

I don't know what Cable ISP you're using (odds are in US it's Comcast), and
if there is some problem that went to them. Vista download speeds are
pretty swift for me, but so are XP's using Cable. Some of the
infrastructure is impacted in prime time while the citizens of tomorrow
flock to steal music and movies during prime time. If you're using IE 7 as
the browser when you download, try running SFC from an elevated cmd prompt.

Windows Key +R>cmd>ctrl+shift>enter>type "sfc /scannow" lose quotes.


Colin Barnhorst

I agree with Chad. Download speeds are pretty good. You might test Free
Download Manager (I use that a lot) and see what you are getting. If your
cable modem is older and not DOCIS 2.0 compliant, replace it with something
like a Motorola SB5101 or 5120. That resolved some dropped packet issues
for me, including having to resume downloads a lot.

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