Vista Disk Hog bug?



I am running Vista Ultimate 32 bit edition, and noticed that I did not have
as much hard drive space as I thought I should.

Upon further investigation, I found 2 HUGE files.

which is 20,511,977,472 bytes


which is also 20,511,977,472 bytes.

What is a "gthr" file? Why is it so damned big? Why is it duplicated on my
drive? How can I eliminate it - or at least reduce it's size?

It seems like it has to do with the indexer/search function (which I have
found to be woefully inadequate). But, Google has a desktop search that is
not even close to this space hog's footprint. So why does Bill want such a
huge chuck out of my hard drive?

And why is the indexing so inefficient? Sometimes my Vista PC seems to hang
up (3GB RAM, 2.0Ghz AMD 64 bit proc) and I find it is the IndexSearcher
hosing my PC. All user files should be indexed immediately after any write
process AND the file is released by whatever wrote to it. NOD32 does
something like this when scanning files for viruses and it works great -
real-time protection.

How about a little real-time scanning (but with a lower priority than what I
am doing please).


Rick Rogers


It does have to do with the indexer, but shouldn't be so large. Mine is
about 48K. This path:
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Search.....

is invalid, Vista does not use "All Users", the folder is just a pointer. I
suspect that some program you've installed is trying to force usage of it
and then has insufficient permissions to erase data so it just builds

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

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