Vista + Copying files over network share = 100% CPU?



My Vista (Business) laptop has a network share that is mounted on my desktop
PC as a drive letter (net use ...). If I start my backup (it also backs up a
large amount of data from the laptop), after about 2 minutes the laptop CPU
usage goes to 100%.

Using some tools I found out that the system is using all the CPU, more
specific SRV.SYS

Any clues on how to solve this? I never experienced this problem with XP.
Net search brought up little about it. I've tried KB931770 because the
description looked familiar but it doesn't resolve the situation.


You might try disabling Remote Differential Compression.

You can disable it by going to Control Panel\Programs and Features > Turn
Windows Features On or Off.


The new update helps improve slow file transfers. It may be on MS site next
week. It is available but you need to install it using wusa.exe.

Christopher R. Lee

That's the sort of beardy answer that used to give Linux a bad name.

Most people just want to use their computer.



It's not just slow file transfers. Once the CPU goes to 100% (srv.sys has a
whole bunch of threads at that point, while it normally has just one), it
stays at 100% indefinitely (until reboot). Also, after a while, the laptop
isn't accessible via the network anymore.

At this point this prevents me from backing up my data via the network
entirely and doing my work in a decent matter (that laptop is also a server
for my network when I'm not dragging it around).

I thought might be anti-virus related (googling brought that up), but it
occurs even without AV client installed.

I knew I should've sticked with XP, never had any issues with that. But no,
I had to go out and buy a new laptop with Vista on it, sigh.

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