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Windows Vista is asking me to re-activate windows after upgrading from .5GB
RAM to 1.5GB. When I tried activating using my old product key and it says,
"The product key you typed is already in use." My computer originally shipped
with Windows XP and I used the "Express Upgrade CD" that HP gave me to
upgrade to Vista. Here's some info about my computer:

Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit
HP Pavilion Slimline s7600n

Thanks in advance for your help.

Brett I. Holcomb

Use the phone method of activation. Just explain what you did and they
will activate you.


I have the same issue. Have Vista Home Basic OEM through Express Upgrade from
the last release of OEM XP that went out end of 2006.
I had an HDD failure. Had RAID0 from 2 HDD's, sent the failed one for
warranty replacement, but of course want to use the PC until it comes back
(can take 1,5 month due to Xmas :-((.
So I had to set it back to SATA with the remaining HDD, installed XP again,
upgraded to Vista and now I have the message of "key in use".
Since I have OEM version, I'm wondering whether I should use the phone
activation? Hardware haven't really changed, I guess it's because the SATA
instead of RAID controller, Vista is getting different serial number of the
HDD identifier.
But ..... if I do the phone activation, will it allow me to do that with OEM
version ? And if yes, won't OEM expire later on, when I have the HDD back
repaired and reinstall back with RAID ? I really wouldn't like to lose the
I.e. what would be your advice ... should I leave it running without
activating the copy, and once HDD is back, reinstall with RAID and it will
activate OK ? Or should I do phone activation now, and again once reinstalled
back to RAID ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help. I would have gone with retail Vista,
but don't have the cash right now. Maybe later on ....

Rick Rogers


You can activate and reactivate the key on the same hardware as often as you
feel necessary. If this is a temporary setup, less than 30 days, then I
wouldn't bother until you reinstall to the more permanent setup. The phone
activation method will be necessary in any case, and it will work with the
OEM key.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

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