Vista 64 Network Performance issues.



I am using a Gateway DX4600-09 Computer:
Athlon Phenom X4 9300e processor
4 GB ram
Ethernet - cat-5 to a 100 Mb switch.
There are 9 other computers on the LAN (mix of XP, Vista and Linux)
Performance starts out fine but will take a nose dive after a day or so
Right after boot:
Machine to machine copies (mapped drives - to or from the 64 bit machine)
will be in the 4 MByte per sec range.
IE 7 works fine.
Printing to a networked printer (has it's own IP address and is connected to
the switch) works fine.

Machine to machine copies (mapped drives - to or from the 64 bit machine)
will be in the 70 KByte per sec range.
IE will stop loading web pages that were no problem before - it takes an
extemely long time for a error to come up - usually an "unable to open page"
Printing to the network printer slows from 30 PPM to about 1 PPM.

This is not a gradual slow down - it will be fine on one IE access then fail
on a reload just seconds later.

Memory usage is ok - last time it was at 64%.
Networking usage in task manager show no usage at all.
Other than IE 8, Windows Update tells me I am current. (This problem has
been occurring from day one).

I do not have this problem on any of the other computers on the LAN.

Where (and how) would I start looking for a cause?

Glenn Vaughn




I would recommend trying these 2 changes. One or the other might help.

1. Disable TCP auto tuning.
In an elevated command prompt run
netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

2. Disable Remote Differential Compression
Control Panel / Open Programs and features. / Turn Windows features on or
Uncheck Remote Differential Compression.

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