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Sue Thistlethwaite

I bought a brand new not even out of the box Compaq laptop
from PCWorld on saturday. Instantly on connecting to the
web it shut down and I had a virus. I had already
installed the provided norton 2003 antivirus software. I
managed to down load patches etc from microsoft, but the
next day i have a file called MS laugh, and a file called
welchia worm and the machine won't shut down!!
PCWorld assure me I have downloaded this myself. i find
this hard to believe as I have literally had only seconds
on the web and certainly not opened any attachments.
Any advice ? They have volunteered to sort it out but I am
pretty fed up.



Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

Did you enable your firewall before connecting to the Internet? Sounds like
you didn't.

Jupiter Jones [MVP]

Seconds is way to long to be connected to the internet with an
unprotected computer.
Before connecting you should have had the anti virus application
properly installed as well as a firewall:
Install or enable a firewall IMMEDIATELY, before connecting to the
You should not connect the network cable until the above is completed.

The belief that you must do something such as open an attachment to
get a virus or worm is a few years out of date.
Simply being connected to the internet (browsing not necessary,
browser does not need to be open) is more than enough.

Welchia Removal tool:

Scan for Viruses online:

Doug Knox MS-MVP

Any PC out of the box, likely does not have the updated AV definitions, nor
the Microsoft patch to prevent infection by the Blaster worm, which is the
first thing you got hit by. Some variants of Blaster would piggyback in
another virus, as well. The Blaster worm is one of the very, very few
where you didn't have to do anything, other than run your computer,
connected to the Internet, without a firewall in place.



Bruce Chambers

Greetings --

If you connected the PC to the Internet without having first
installed the KB824146 Hotfix, without having first installed an
antivirus application with current virus definition files, and before
enabling a firewall, you're very likely to get infected from any of
the thousands of PCs on the Internet that are constantly broadcasting
the Blaster and/or Welchia worms. It only takes a few seconds of

To stay on-line long enough to get the necessary updates, patches,
and removal tools, click Start > Run, and enter "shutdown -a" when the
next RPC countdown begins. This will abort the shut down. Also, make
sure you've enabled a firewall before starting, to preclude any more
intrusions while getting the updates/patches/tools.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-39

What You Should Know About the Blaster Worm

W32.Blaster.Worm a.k.a. W32/Lovesan.Worm

W32.Blaster.Worm Removal Tool

W32.Welchia.Worm a.k.a. W32/Nachi.Worm

W32.Welchia.Worm Removal Tool

McAfee AVERT Stinger

Bruce Chambers

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