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I am very new to trying to create forms, and I am sure I am missing something
simple. I have created a custom form trying to request data about employee
leave. It has simple fields like a drop-down list of employee names and
their ID numbers, the payroll date they were absent, a list of reasons they
were absent, etc. If I "run this form" I am able to fill it out and e-mail
it to myself, but when I'm viewing it in outlook all I see is teh message

However, if I double-click on the e-mail it does open up the form and I can
see all the fields that the user submitted.

How can I make it so that those items are viewed automatically in Outlook,
rather than having to double-click on it to open it in a new window?

Sue Mosher [MVP]

First of all, the form isn't going to work at all if you can't publish it to
the Organizational Forms library on the company Exchange server or to each
user's Personal Forms library. So check that prerequisite before you go any
further with this project.

Second. custom form layouts don't display in the reading pane. Users will
need to open the items.

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