Videos don't play on TV display.



I have a similar problem to the other query about not
being able to view video playback on a TV display. but
this time with a laptop and using the s-video connection
instead of a TV out. I get the desktop, windows and
programs run fine. The video and sound will play on my
laptop monitor but nothing at all in the means of video
is displayed on the TV - only a blank box where the movie
should be. Im using XP and the latest directX 9b. my
graphics card is a ATI Radeon IGP 320 (64mb AGP) with
extentable monitor capabilities. It is mentioned that it
could be related to a directshow driver problem, but i
can play movies on the original monitor - which is
confusing! I have an old TV but has s-video capabilities
and the movie format shouldn't really matter as its only
a display and doesn't need any drivers or codecs to view
them. Is there a check-box or some setting i have
forgoton to change that is stopping video playback? as
all other settings work fine. Thanx




Only new video cards with FULL directx 9 support can display video on the
secondary display

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