Video File, MOV, can not be move or rename



Hi All

My Canon camera Video format using MOV. After download the files to
one of directory. The file can not move or rename .After each boot the
machine, 0 to 2 file can be move/rename. Other MOV file still can not
move/rename. Other format of file such as .avi /.mp4 without this
problem. ( change MOV format to avi/mp4).

I check with Canon Local Support, No user report this case. Does any
background process used those files ?

The error as below
It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that
might be using the file and try again.


Rey Santos

Right click on the Quicktime icon on the Notification area.
Unlocker is a nice tool for all file types.


Hi Rey

my Quicktime icon without Notification area on right click.
Just install unlocker is works.

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