Video card not active


Martin Murray

I have 2 video cards in my system. One is an AGP card (ATI Radeon
All-In-Wonder 8500) and the other is a PCI card (ATI Radeon 9100). Some
time back I disabled the PCI card somehow, I forget how exactly. It is not
disabled in Device Manager, but the system does not seem to see the card in
the Control Panel Display applet.

Now the situation is this: I want to use only the PCI card and not the AGP
card at all. I disabled the AGP card in Device Manager. I changed the BIOS
to startup the PCI card before the AGP card, but the system still does not
really see it. In Device Manager, it is not even showing that I have a
monitor installed. If I try to Add New Hardware, monitors do not appear in
the list.

In the Display applet, it looks like it thinks there is only a standard VGA
card available. I am running a CRT on the PCI card now, so it works in that
sense, but none of the software seems to acknowledge it is there.

What do I need to do to un-screw my system so it will use the PCI card and
let me access its features, including resolution, acceleration etc.??

Thanks in advance,

Martin Murray


Hi Martin,

Try literally removing the unused card. Also check under Start/Run:
msconfig - boot.ini that VGA isn't selected. Other than that, pick your own
device via Add New Hardware - it will be listed last. Another option would
be to show hidden devices via the Device Manager. In the meantime, remove
all devices via safe mode.

Good luck and keep us posted.


All the Best,

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