Video Card Headache



I hope somebody can help me with this because Im really
going nuts trying to figure this one out:

I recently bought a computer with:
Pentium 4 HT at 3Ghz
MSI 845PE MAX3 MainBoard
Windows XP Professional
The video card is AGP nVidia GeForce4 MX440-SE 64MB DDR.

So after taking the computer home Ive installed Windows
XP Pro and every thing else the computer needs, but when
I start installing the video card "nVidia drivers" it
seems everything goes on right so it asks me to reboot
and I do so.
The first different thing I notice is that the "WINDOWS
XP IS LOADING" screen stops for about half a second and
it blinks and then continues like normal, and then
finally when I can see the Windows desktop, it Freezes!!!
So the only way I can get this to run again is by
uninstaling the "video driver" in safe mode, Because I
couldnt start the computer normally otherwise, unless I
go to "Display properties", "Config.", "Advanced
Settings", and in the final tab disable "Hardware
Acceleration" and "write combination".

I am really frustrated by this, I have even formated and
re-installed everithig (Including windows) like about 6
times and its always the same result when I get to
install the Video card.
Ive also used the windows update to download the most up
to date and compatible drivers, but its just the same

I dont think its the video card itself because I was
having the same problem with a "Radeon 9700 64MB" on this
machine so I replaced it with the current GeForce 4MX 440-
I was thinking it might be a problem with the IRQ sharing
or some setting in the BIOS AND/OR AGP setting with
memory access.

Anybody who can help me solve this I will be inmensly



Andrew E

The conflict is usually with the on-board display adapter
it needs to be uninstalled first,then add the new video
card after a shutdown,uninstall in add/remove programs,
then uninstall in device mgr,shut-down,add card,start,
for nvidia 440,youre best bet is to run windows update.
It will install drivers for you.With radeon,you need
all 4 downloads,put in a new folder,then install the 4
at one time,no reboots in between them.



Howard Brazee

When I had video card headaches, it was because I was not thorough in deleting
old video drivers before installing the new.

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