Video capture problem



I am using Sony Vegas 6 as software and my external capture card is a Canopus
ADVC 110. The Canopus is hooked up via Firewire which I believe is Texas
Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controllers(from Device Manager).

The problem I am having is that whenever I start the video captures, either
in DV or analog, It frequently disconnects during the capture and a window
appears as if I just connected the Firewire. It tells me "Windows can perform
the same action each time you connect the device. What do you want Windows to
do?" and lists all the available programs. It's just as if I just connected
the hardware.

The Canopus capture hardware seems to be working fine. I took it to a
friend's house and it does not malfunction. I don't believe it's the Sony
Vegas 6 software because it does it even when the software is closed. It also
malfunctions on Movie Maker.

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