Very slow network access to DLink NAS




I have a D-Link DNS-323 box on our network. This is a network file storage
When I try to access a file my Vista PC (Ultimate) takes an unreasonably
long time to react.
For example - if I right click a file name - the context menu will sometimes
take 30 seconds or more to appear.
Then if I make a choice - say COPY - it will take another 30 seconds before
anything happens
Large files seem worse than small files.

I contacted D-Link but they were no help.

Any ideas?




There may be two ways to look in to. To troubleshoot the slow context menu,
you can check the context menu handlers and try to disable the specific
non-microsoft handlers associated with the file types you are working on. It
can be done manually in the registry or by using some tools. There is a link
about the detailed steps and download link for some tools.

The other thing is about the network connection to your network storage
system. First of all, you may like to verify the cable connection is right.
No pin out and length within 100 meters. You can make sure ICS is disabled
on your Vista. A link for your reference:

Then you can check the settings on your DNS-323 and make sure the bandwidth
is set right. The connection speed and MTU should be matching the settings
on your router. You can try to disable unnecessary servers on your storage
such as BitTorrent. It is recommended to disable Jumbo Frame if you are not
using a Gbps network connection.

You can also upgrade the firmware for better performance and more features.



It looks like I have solved the problem - with your help that is!

I downloaded the ShellExView program and disabled a bunch of non-Microsoft
context handlers and that seems to have worked.

Thanks a bunch.


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