ASUSTOR AS-604T NAS Network Storage Server


Mar 25, 2003
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Benchmark Reviews have taken a look at the ASUSTOR AS-604T NAS:

"Everybody needs a NAS, I'm convinced. Maybe if I described it in terms of what the modern NAS has become - a Private Cloud, then everyone would better understand my conviction. Years ago, when Benchmark Reviews first started testing and reviewing NAS servers, they were intended to sit on your network as a sort of file server. You could access it using a file manager, like Windows Explorer, and you could also employ some backup software that was typically supplied by the vendor, and often proprietary. Today, as we all know, everything is wide open. Access anything, anywhere is not just a dream anymore, its reality. Hardware is still important, but it's the depth and breadth of the software that is becoming more of a differentiator."

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