VBA issue: slide number does not correspond to whats in deck



I am a newbie to VBA. In the list of objects in VBA (alt-f11) the slide
numbers don't match my deck. I have 39 slides in my deck, yet VBA lists
slides 50 and up. When I click view object in VBA for example object slide 50
shows me slide 30 in my deck. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

John Wilson

How are you referencing the slides? Maybe post some code

It sounds like you are confusing the slide default name with the Slide Index

As I understand it

The default name is Slidexx where xx is one more than the number of slides
EVER inserted. So if you insert 10 slides delete them the next slide will be
called Slide11. Also if you move a slide it will still have the same name. In
short Slide1 probably won't be the first slide!

Slide Index is the position in the presentation it can change if you alter
the order or add / delete slides

SlideNumber may or may not be the same as the index depending on where you
start numbering

Hope that makes some sense!

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