I have entered lot's of IF formulas. These formulas are again source for
further calculation in another formula. But if the earlier IF formula result
is a blank cell, the current formula cell displays #VALUE!. It considers the
formula as non-blank cell. How do I address this problem.

To elaborate, Please Relax and See Below. Though I have not mentioned all
formula cells to keep it less complicated.

Column E Row 1 is a date entered manually
Column F Row 1 is an amount entered manually

Column E Row 19 is again a date copied from Column E Row 1
Column F Row 19 is a formula =IF(TODAY()=E19,F6+H6,"")

IT works Fine until here.

The actual problem is as follows.,

Column H Row 19 is a formula =IF(VALUE("F19")<>"",F19-F6,"")

If Column F Row 19 has an amount, the above formula works fine.
BUT if Column F Row 19 is blank, then Column H Row 19 displays #VALUE!
Since I already have a formula in Column F Row 19, it is not considering the
cell as blank and so the result is an error.

I need to know what should I do to get a blank in Column H Row 19 if Column
F Row 19 is actually blank ?

I would really appreciate if someone could help me sort this.

Thanks and Regards

David Biddulph

I don't know what you are trying to achieve with
=IF(VALUE("F19")<>"",F19-F6,""), but of course VALUE("F19") returns the
#VALUE! error as "F19" is a string.
Perhaps you intended =IF(F19<>"",F19-F6,"") or =IF(ISNUMBER(F19),F19-F6,"")

Jacob Skaria

=IF(VALUE("F19")<>"",F19-F6,"") does not give you the intended results as
"F19" is not a valid cell reference but just a text string


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