Valentines letter to my vista


vista is stupid

This is a typical valentines love letter of a typical vistafan wannabie
computer user.


Oh vista, the first day I set my eyes on your screen, I felt so much passion
and lust.
Was it your see through windows and taskbar that revealed glimpses of what
underneath teasing me? Was it your round sexy start button that lighted up
when I touched it? Was it your desktop effects with motion making my mind
What it your start menu that made me wanna play games like hide and seek
with all the programs? You have such a masculine look vista... without you I
have no life!
Please make love to me!

Your dear typical vistafan user.....


PS.1. This "Masculine" thing was actually a remark by some vista user!!! lol
I am SURE now that I think of it that he was gay! No strait man would see
vista as masculine! lol. I was telling him that I dont like the new look..
and he said.. vista is masculine! YUCK!!!! now I wanna puke!~

PS2. For all you lonely and sad vista users.. go on eBay and look for some
specialized USB hardware that you may plug into your vista machine.
They will help you do what you propose in the above letter.

Zim Babwe

I caught my Vista cheating on me with XP Professional. Vista had the Kernel
bent over and I shutter to think what was happening. I am calling my lawyer
to draw up papers as soon as I get home. Anybody have a free version of
Windows 98 that I can go out with? :)

Zim Babwe

Just providing entertainment whenever I can. But you are not far behind
with the trolling......I've read some of your posts :)

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