Using Windows Firewall and a range of ports



Hi there,

I'm trying to lockdown my Windows firewall (I'm using Vista Ultimate
Edition) as much as possible.

I started with Windows Live Messenger. Simple enough to begin with, create
a rule that allows msnmsgr.exe access to TCP ports 80, 443 and 1863 outbound.
But I also want to allow it access to the other TCP and UDP ports specified
in the following site

Unfortunately I cannot find a way to add a range of ports in short of
specifying every single port. I can't put 1025-65535. I can only put
1025,1026,1027 and so on which isn't very realistic if you intend to do this
for say 50 applications.

If there is a way of adding a range of ports without typing each one in then
I cannot find it so please let me know. If not then it might be a useful
feature to add.



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Port ranges are frequently requested. Right now the best work-around is to
use the netsh advfirewall command and wrap it in a for loop:

for /l %i in (1024-1032) do netsh advfirewall firewall add rule ...

That still sets up multiple rules, but at least it is one command.

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