Using the x86 version of NTPRINT.INF on a x64 Vista Box


Amrit Kohli


I have Vista Ultimate 64-bit installed on my main computer. I am trying to
share the printer that is connected to it with other systems that run 32-bit
OS's like Windows XP SP2 32-bit and Vista 32-bit. I am able to find the
"Additional Drivers" button on the printer I want to share. However, when I
go to that dialog box, and I select x86 and press OK, it asks me for a path
to the 32-bit driver for that printer. I am able to provide that, but then
it's looking for the ntprint.inf file for the x86 architecture. Is that
stored anywhere on a Vista 64-bit system? I also have the x86 Vista DVD for
the 32-bit installation. I searched that entire disc and cannot find the
32-bit version of the ntprint.inf file.

Where can I find that file so that I can browse to it for the Additional
Drivers feature of Print Sharing on my Vista 64-bit box?

I would like this driver to be available to the other 32-bit systems that
attempt to connect to the printer on my 64-bit box. I have found numerous
solutions to do the reverse, which is install the 64-bit drivers on a 32-bit
box. But I cannot for the life of me find a solution to this problem.

Thanks so much in advance for any help/advice on this situation.

Amrit Kohli



Jeffrey Randow

Don't know if it will help, but ntprint.inf is located at

I think the driver you are using is referring back to that file (HP by
Jeffrey Randow
(e-mail address removed)
Windows Networking MVP 2001-2006

On Sun, 25 Nov 2007 20:36:00 -0800, Amrit Kohli <Amrit

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