Using Spreadsheet created in Excel 2007 in Excel 2003



I am trying to use a spreadsheet that was created in Excel 2007. I am
currently using Excel 2003. The Spread sheet is designed with formulas and
macros where if you enter or change numbers in a few cells, it recalculates
other pieces of the spreadsheet. Instead of getting a number or percentage
or whatever is supposed to be there, I get #NAME?. This happens in several
cells. I have checked and the formulas appear as though they should work.

I know the file has not been corrupted or anything. I have transferred it
to a different computer that uses Excel 2007 and it works there.

I have tried several things including:
-lowering the security settings on the macros, saving, and closing. Doesn't
-I have tried copying the entire spreadsheet to a new one. 7 tabs of info
info. Doesn't work.
-I have gone to the Microsoft website and done installed all the latest
updates. I am currently on service pack 3 for excel.

There has to be an easy way to convert this file back to Excel 2003 so that
it will work. What is the solution for this?




try this

open the spreadsheet and do save as, choose excel -97-2003,

hope this helps

Don Guillett

There are some "features" that are not backwards compatible. Best to create
in older version, if? possible.



Luke M

The #NAME? error is telling us that XL isn't recognizing some part of the
formula, be it a 2007 exclusive formula (such as SUMIFS/COUNTIFS) or a UDF.

Is there a way you could give us an example of the formula, so we can see
what your are trying to do? We may be able to suggest an alternative formula
that will work in 2003.

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