Excel 2007 spreadsheet references older office spreadsheets



I'm relaying this message on behalf of someone else, so I hope I get the
details right...

My company recently upgraded to Office 2007. One employee has an Excel 2003
spreadsheet which references formulas in a large number of other Excel 2003
spreadsheets. When she opens the "master" spreadsheet in Excel 2007,
apparently the references are broken. Is there any way to preserve these
references, short of converting all the spreadsheets to 2007?

JR Hester

Check with your coworker and confirm and that the "master" spreadsheet and
the "linked" sporeadsheets are still in the same locations as before. I have
a set of old Excel 97 linked sheets an dthey work just fine, as long as they
stay in their original folder locations. But is one gets moved to a new
location the linked formulas all have to be relinked to the new location.


Michael C

I am having similar problems since my company is converting. The problem as
I understand it is that when you open a 2003 spreadsheet with 2007, it auto
converts it to 2007 and breaks any links to any other 2003 spreadsheets. The
only way for it not to break the links (that I have been told by the IT
department) is to have all of my spreadsheets open that are linked. This is
impractical due to the sheer number of spreadsheets involved. Anyone found a
way around this?


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