Using BCM with my laptop



I need to use BCM database from both my desktop and laptop, and when I share
the database over my wireless network all works well. But, when my laptop is
not connected and I'm on the road, I'd like to create and edit my BCM
contacts and then sync when I reconnect back home, but BCM apparantly doesn't
let me do that. Can I use a Briefcase connection (and if so, how would I go
about it) Is there an article or does somebody know how I can go about this
seemingly simple necessity?

One other question--How can I modify the data options in the "Territory"



I. Synchronization

I've done this by creating a replication of the database on my laptop. The
server is the publisher in this case and the laptop the subscriber.

II. Territories Picklist

It is possible to change the territory master list. Maybe I'm doing it the
"difficult way", but this is how I accomplished it (this assumes you're a
fairly confident user of MSDE and Microsoft Forms):

1. Close Outlook
2. Change the territories in the MSDE database - the rows you want to modify
(or add/delete) are in the table "PickLIstsMasterList". If you want to add a
territory, make sure you use FieldMAPIID 36882
3. It's time to modify the Outlook form - this is where I got stuck in the
past (Outlook crashes as soon as you try to modify the form). What you have
to do is rename the DLL called
"Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.eCRM.OutlookAddIn.dll" (located in the BCM
Installation folder) to something else, such as
4. Open Outlook, go to "Tools", "Forms", "Design a Form", select "Personal
Forms Library". Click "Open". The form will come up without crashing outlook
- the territories pick list is in the "Details" tab. Right-Click on the
combobox, select "Properties" and change the available properties so that it
matches the property names in the Database
5. PUBLISH (!!) the form back to the Personal Forms library. If you're
distributing the form to other computers, make sure to also save a .OTF
version of it (Accounts.otf) and when you install it on other computers,
remember to clear the Forms cache beforehand.
6. Rename the DLL that you renamed in Step 3 back to its' original name.
7. Execute EnableBCM.exe (also located in the BCM installation folder)

This worked for me and I now have categories that apply to my business (in
my case, this is "Europe, North America, South America, South East Asia, Asia
Pacific, Middle East, Worldwide".

Is there an easier way? Please let me know.


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