Problem connecting to local BCM database


Brenda JFR

I just got a new laptop and loaded my 07 Outlook BCM software. I copied my
BCM datafiles from my old laptop to the
\doc&sett\user\locsett\appdata\ms\bcm. But when I open Outlook it can't
connect to the old data files. Now it won't even open BCM in Outlook. The
error message says "it can't access the database, login failed". When it
asks if I want to change the database configuration, and I say yes I get to
the Connect to Existing Database option and enter my computer name just fine.
But nothing is in the dropdown box for Database Name and it won't let me
type in MSSmallBusiness. Any ideas how to get this working?




Hi Brenda
I just experienced the exact same problem. New laptop transfered my bcm data
from my backup drive. I used the new program for a couple of days with no
problem. so I know the data is there. But now i can not open that existing
Did you resolve your problem? Any ideas?

Thanks Lenny

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