Using a User's Control of VB.NET in a Form of VB6



Hola, I am trying to generate a UserControl in VB.NET to be able to use
it in VB6. Therefore:
1- I generate the Wrapper and the object COM
2- Import it from VB6 and I can use his methods, properties and events.
To the object I can use it, but it(he,she) cannot apply the User's
Control inside the form of VB6. The function for this serious:
Set objComNet.container = FormVB6
But the objComNet is of "read only" and therefore it is not possible to
use it. In Reality the property skip of .NET is different from the
property skip of VB6.
Definitively, I am trying to be able to use a User's Control of VB.NET
in a Form of VB6, please if someone has some idea one would be grateful
for her very much.
Good, Thank you very much and good luck

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