Using a CSV file to Bulk Modify users in AD! HEEELP!



Hi people,

PLEASE read my question, I have a HUGE dilemma, but the answer MUST be simple!

I have often used VB scripts, LDIFDE scripts and CSVDE to automate various
tasks in AD. However, I have recently been given the MOTHER of all AD
projects. I have been supplied with a CSV spreadsheet containing data about
all the companie's users that have to be imported into AD. The top row of the
spreadsheet reflects LDAP names, but the friendly names of these LDAP names
are things like First Name, Surname, Job Title, Area, Logon name etc, Mobile
number etc. Now, there are columns under these for over 4000 Active Directory
users! I am fortunate in that the data is accurate, and the fields for
account names, and given names match the AD equivalent. The purpose of this
spreadsheet is to update huge amounts of information for each user in AD,
such as their phone numbers, their departments and numerous other fields.

I have been battling (and pulling out what is left of my hair) trying to
work out how to use this CSV file in a script to rapidly modify all my 4000+
users, who thankfully will be in one OU. I have seen glimmers of hope in VB
scripts, but what I need done seems more complex than another VB script I
have found, and not being a programmer, I am left with more questions than

My big question is, can ANYONE help me at all in this task, I mean Quest! By
pointing me to information, or even given me outright answers, because I am
sure I can't be the only AD administrator to ever have to perform a task like

CSVDE performs a similar function, but only for creating new accounts. I
need to modify existing accounts using my data in this CSV file.

To summarise; I have a CSV file consisting of a number of columns, the
heading of which represents an LDAP field for a user object. There are over
4000 rows, each representing a user. I need to find a way or porting all of
this info into AD using scripts or WHATEVER! I will look at anything because
I have been trying for over a week to come up with an answer, with no luck. I
was so sure this would be a relatively easy administrator’s task.... tut tut


Lawrence Bowen

Joe Richards [MVP]

Look at AdMod, it will do CSV based updates. Read the /CSV? screens very

4000 is pretty small for it, in my testing with it I usually had 100k+
objects I was updating.

Joe Richards Microsoft MVP Windows Server Directory Services
Author of O'Reilly Active Directory Third Edition

---O'Reilly Active Directory Third Edition now available---

Ken Aldrich


DSRAZOR for Windows does this very well. It can certainly handle creating
4,000 users. It will allow you to update existing users. You won't even
have to change the order of the columns in your CSV because you can
customize the applet to match up with your data. This can be a real time
saver. Many of our customers are educational institutions which need to add
or modify thousands of users each semester.

Take a look at our website and contact us for a free one-on-one presentation
to show you how we can help you with this project.

Ken Aldrich
DSRAZOR for Windows
Visual Click Software, Inc.

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