Using 2 NICS On Terminal Server To Separate Traffic



Hello all,

I could not find a Terminal Server 2003 forum so I am posting in this 2000

I have a Terminal Server (2003) with upwards of 40 users accessing it from
within the LAN. My problem is with Internet access control. I use Surf
Control which is an IP based Internet access control system. However, it
does not work for Terminal Server since I have a single IP address assigned
to the Terminal Server.

Now this morning I added a second IP address to the TS, then tested
connecting using the RDP client for IP address .10, then IP address .11.
Then I further tested using 2 separate NICS with IP .10, and IP .11.

I could not get get the TS to consistently route traffic through a
particular NIC. It seemed that after a reboot of the TS, the IP that was
used to route traffic would be the first IP used to connect by the RDP
client. Then traffic was routed through that single IP address no matter how
either client RDP connected.

How can I get my scenario to work?:

I want users A, B & C to connect to TS using RDP client to
and have their traffic go through NIC


I want users D, E, & F to connect to TS using RDP client to
and have their traffic go through NIC

If I can achieve this, I can have my Internet access setup with 2 different
access levels: Perhaps wide open Internet Access for .10, and restricted
Internet accsss for .11.

Thank you.


You have to create another RDP connection and bind the ip to the nic in the
terminal services configuration.
Yoy then have to create groups and assign them to the particular rdp
connection(delete the remote desktop users group and add your own group




Thank you for your direction.

I have done the equivalent of what you have said (I setup 2 test users and
assigned one to the orig RDP in TS, and the other to a new RDP in TS, and
bound the NICS)., but still traffic coming out of the TS is a single IP

Any other hints? Anyone actually working this way?


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