Users lock each other out



I have been having a strange problem that I just can't see to track down. I
have written an order entry from that has been in use for several years but
lately it seems like every few days everyone freezes up at the same time and
can't do anything.

The forms are in an Access 2003 MDB file front end. The users use the 2003
Runtime, not full Access. The form is a form based on a table (Order
Master) with a subform based on another details table (Order Details). They
are both linked by the OrderNumber field.

The back end is a MS SQL 2000 database. Even when all the users are locked
on the front end for some reason I can open the database table up on the
server and add, delete, append and edit any record. Even the record that
someone is locked on. It just seems like only Access is hung but the back
end is working fine.


Are the users all connecting to the same frontend file? If so, they should
actually have their own copy of the frontend. This will eliminate a lot of
problems, if you do it that way.

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