Mulit-user lock problems


m stroup

Have a database which has been split.
The back end resides in a folder on a shared server.
The front end "resides" in the same folder.
Copies of the front end have been copied to several users.

Using Windows security on the folder - so only the users who have the front
end have access to the front and/or back.

Default open mode on both ends is Shared.
Default record locking is No Locks.
Open databases using record-level locking is checked.

Linked table maps are correct.

I am still having problems when a second person tries to access the database.

What am I missing?

Jerry Whittle

Each user needs read, write, create, delete, and modify privileges for the
folders that hold the FE and BE. Not just the .mdb files, but the entire
folder. Otherwise Access can't create or delete the .ldb locking file to
control multiple users.

m stroup

Thanks Jerry,

I added the individuals I have had problems with and will be able to test
them tomorrow. Have a great day!

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