Call Center multiuser record locking



I thought this would be easy. We’re setting up a phone bank with six
telephones. I want to build a database to store the 2,000 some members we
want to call and to record the responses to three questions. Record locking
has been a mess. We finish a call, close the call record form, and try to go
back to the call list to select a new call. We have: entered call records
for people already being called, sometimes seen the circle with line through
it in record select (ideal), sometimes got a message that we couldn’t access
the call record because it was busy after we tried to click it, and gotten
the message that a record was altered by another user when we tried to exit.
The records just aren’t being refreshed across the network soon enough or
consistently, so it would seem. I’ve read the posts and collected
suggestions. I am looking for a little help. Anyone with experience with
this? Maybe there is another way to go around this. We do autonumber the
name list so we can assign callers to a block which is what we are doing now.
I’ll be back “playing†with the database design when I can get on the
network, this weekend. This things like lipstick on a computer.

Networking and Locking Tricks

Access 2002 database used in a crude call center. The database as it is now
has two forms, (1) frmCallList - a list of names and (2) a second form
frmCallRecord – where call results are recorded for each selected name. They
have separate queries on the same table. The challenge is to effectively
lock records so that only one caller can lock a name and create a call

Possible solutions:
1. Split the database. Have a Front End (FE) and Back End (BE) - done
2. Create the FE as an MDE file and locate it on the user’s local hard
drive - not done
3. Use code to distribute updates to the FE - done
4. Table linking to BE in universal naming convention (UNC) - not done
5. A “persistent connection†to the back-end from each of the front-end
workstations - not done
6. Record Locking set to 'Edited Record'
* should this be in Tools/Options/Advanced on the FE or BE or both?
* Is it best to use the Tools Options Advanced to set locking for the db or
in the form properties? I’ve done both
* record locking settings for the forms set to 'Edited Record'
* In Tools/Options/Advanced tab:
* Default Open Mode - Shared
* Default Record Locking - No Locks
* Open databases using record level locking – Yes
* What about refresh speeds and save attempt trial times?
* Problem is that the names do not effectively lock.
7. The form with all names has Record Selector set to Yes - done
8. Everyone has full rights to the shared folder – think so
9. Create code to lock the bound controls on the form - possible
10. Create a refresh button to display the most current data, - done but
didn’t help
11. Create a requery button to remove records no longer meeting query
criteria or SHIFT+F9 – not tried yet

Duane Hookom

What are you table structures and form Record Sources. I wonder if your
tables aren't normalized.

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