User Logs on, then is Immediately Logged off


Chris Guimbellot

WindowsXP, Service Pack 2

I have a user who works remotely on his laptop. When he logs in with his
credentials, he is immediately logged off, and the system goes straight back
to the login screen. I am thinking he had a virus because I run Trend Micro
on my network and looked at the logs and saw some virus activity. I am not
sure the two are related, but its a thought that I have. I tried getting him
to log in as the Administrator, but the same thing happens. I also tried to
have him log in in safe mode, but again, the same thing happens.

I built a BartPE disk and sent it to him. The info is located here:

I then found the following thread:

and tried the steps located there. They are also located here:

It didn't work. The same thing is still happening no matter if he logs in as
himself or the Administrator, whether in Safe Mode or not.

Finally, I had him boot with the BartPE disk, open a command prompt and try
to do a restore following the article here:

When my user typed in the command in this article, nothing happened.

All this said, I don't really know what to do. I am trying to have him not
send the laptop in to me to fix it, but I am almost at that point.

If anyone has any ideas, I would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Chris Guimbellot

Thanks for the response. Quick question though. When you say copy the old
account information, what do you mean? He does not have a roaming user
profile so his account profile is not stored on the server. Do you mean have
him create a new user on that computer, because right now he is a domain

Thanks again.

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